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Explore the Heart of the Algarve with Rent a Sup

Come discover why the World's Most Famous Algar is so special on a guided stand-up paddle tour! The best way to explore every corner of the magic of the Algarve.

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Experience a personalized SUP tour with dedicated attention. Enjoy greater comfort, privacy, and enhanced safety with a guide focused solely on your group. Capture perfect photos, learn in-depth about the area, and tailor the adventure to your skill level and interests.


Sustainability And Nature Preservation:

Rent SUP Tours está comprometido con el turismo sostenible, promoviendo prácticas ecológicas y minimizando los impactos ambientales. A diferencia de las motos acuáticas, que provocan contaminación y ruido que pueden desestabilizar los acantilados costeros y perturbar la vida marina, el SUP garantiza una experiencia armoniosa con la naturaleza.

6000 x 4000 px

Suitable For All Experience Levels: From Beginners To Advanced

Stand up paddle is accessible for all ages and skill levels. With guidance, beginners quickly learn the technique and gain confidence. SUP allows for versatile navigation—sitting or kneeling—making it easier for novices or in rough seas, ensuring a gradual and rewarding learning experience.

a man standing next to a body of water

Health And Well-Being:

SUP is a healthy choice for coastal exploration, engaging almost all muscle groups, especially the core, improving posture and balance without impact. Unlike kayaking, where sitting can cause discomfort, SUP promotes proper spinal alignment, even when kneeling. It’s low-impact and accessible for all ages, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

underwater view of a swimming pool

Marine Life Presence:

SUP boards allow for silent, non-invasive navigation, increasing chances of observing marine life like fish, crustaceans, jellyfish, octopuses, squids, and dolphins without disturbing them.

a person standing in front of a large rock next to water

Accessing Hidden Spots:

SUP’s versatile design allows easy access to hidden spots, secret beaches, and natural tunnels. It enables exploration of shallow and narrow waters, uncovering secluded coves and natural rock formations, making each SUP trip a unique adventure and connection with nature.

Customers Reviews & Testimonials

a group of people on a boat in the water
Traumhaft schön Rent a Sup Tours

Was für ein wundervoller Start in den Tag! Die Sunrise-Tour mit Daniela war traumhaft schön. Obwohl wir wahrlich keine Frühaufsteher sind, kann ich jedem nur empfehlen, die Benagilhöhle und die Küste im Morgenlicht und ohne Menschenmassen zu genießen! Daniela ist super!

– Katrin
a man standing on a rock in the water
Wonderful time Rent a Sup Tours

We had a wonderful time with Daniela in a small group, we visited hidden caves where no boat could go which made those two hours on the water magical. The explanations were extremely interesting and Daniella's good humor was there. She is also an excellent photographer and will take the most beautiful photos, which will allow you to enjoy your adventure without thinking about your phone. I highly recommend! :)

– Florian Lagarrigue
5 estrelas, top, top, top Rent a Sup

Ótima experiência, as pranchas são de ótima qualidade e o serviço 5 estrelas. Certamente a repetir

– NeuzaMartins - TripAdvisor
Highly Recommended Rent a Sup

So glad we stumbled across this company. Quality equipment, dry bag provided, excellent customer service, great price and amazingly friendly team. Thank you again rentasup for making our trip to Bengail Caves a day we will never forget!

– TiffanyKeller - TripAdvisor
a man standing next to a lake
Early bird catches the worm! Rent a Sup

What a great experience, and it's definitely worth getting up early to avoid the crowds! Our guides were very friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. I would recommend it 100%.

a pile of books
Absolutely brilliant experience!! Rent a Sup

This tour was a great experience for the whole family. The guys were extremely friendly and tried hard. The instruction for paddling was precise and understandable. We drove through caves that we would not have discovered without a guide and if we did, would not have had the courage to drive through on our own. It was really fun. Thanks!

– CharlotteP - TripAdvisor
a boat sitting on top of a body of water
A must do activity while in Algarve! Rent a Sup

What an amazing morning! Our tour guides were very helpful and knowledgeable, and they made the entire experience safe and fun for everyone. It was well worth the early wake-up in order to be the first inside the caves with no one else around, as it gets extremely crowded later on. The other caves we saw were also beautiful, and we appreciated being able to explore smaller caves too. The SUP instructions were so helpful, whether you were a beginner or more seasoned. Book this experience!

– AlessiaD - TripAdvisor
Incredible experience! Rent a Sup

Everything has gone very well, the guys are excellent professionals and super predisposed and friendly. We would go back a thousand times. Thanks to the guides, we will continue doing this sport, which allows you to discover places that you cannot reach by walking. Thanks for everything.

– AfricaML - TripAdvisor