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Sunrise Tour - 7:00H To 9:30H

Quick Details

Enjoy the Benagil Cave at your leisure: without tourist crowds and in ideal weather, while you witness the sunrise and the colorful palette that the mornings offer. Capture the best photographs and start a day full of adventure early on.

Our meeting point will be Benagil Beach at 7:00 am. Please, make sure to arrive with enough time to ensure punctuality. Without exceptions, we will start our adventure at 7:30 am, following an introductory explanation of SUP techniques.

During the tour, we will explore the Algarve coast, discover secret beaches, and immerse ourselves in the vastness of the world’s most famous Algar. There will be plenty of time to appreciate this iconic attraction, and our guides will ensure to teach you every detail to enrich your knowledge.

Our tour includes all necessary equipment: SUP board, paddle, life jacket, waterproof bag for your phone, and insurance.

What do you need to bring on the tour? A water bottle, swimsuit, and jacket.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or health concerns, such as asthma, diabetes, back problems, or pregnancy.

Sunrise Tour 7:30H - 9:30H

Alone in Benagil Cave!

With no one else around, you have the freedom to explore every angle, capture the perfect shot without interruption, and immerse yourself fully in the natural beauty of the cave.
The tranquility of having the cave all to yourself can make the experience even more special.

The best way to honor your journey and fully enjoy it is by seeking to experience the finest moments it has to offer, be it cultural, culinary, or historical.

At Rent a Sup Tours, our mission is to make your experience unique and memorable, unveiling the best of Algarvian essence. We showcase nature’s spectacles, renowned for their magnificent landscapes, such as Praia da Marinha, ranked among the top 10 beaches in Europe and the world; Algar de Benagil, with its cavernous formation sculpted by sea erosion over thousands of years, and its most striking feature, the opening at the top.

Our tours provide a complete immersion into the natural and cultural beauty of the region, while our experienced guides ensure you make the most of every moment. Come join us and discover the true charm of the Algarve as we navigate through crystal-clear waters and explore its hidden wonders.

Enjoy every moment of it!